By aggregating the best of the essentials with the little luxuries that make a place feel like home, MYAH residents stay for longer.

One point of contact M, all bases covered. From big-picture environmental e and sustainability planning Y, right down to all the little details that make a building work to the highest standard .

Residents have instant access to 24/7 maintenance s, discounts and perks from local retailers j and everything they need to feel truly at home A.


closely at our clients properties – meticulously monitoring every detail to make maintenance simpler and more efficient, whilst keeping residents happier and better connected.


to our customers (residents and owners) so we can help to create and maintain thriving communities that help to deliver the experiences and amenities that people need.


from the data we collect about every asset, resident and community to ensure your buildings remain places that people are happy to call home.


We understand the unique needs of students and offer a comprehensive solution to property management that ensures a safe, comfortable, and convenient living environment.

Our tailored service ensures that both our clients and their residents receive exceptional support throughout the student accommodation experience.

In the dynamic world of the Private Rental Sector (PRS), MYAH stands at the forefront, redefining the rental experience.

With a deep understanding that renting is more than just a transaction, we are dedicated to creating vibrant communities, fostering connections, and providing residents with exceptional service and support.

At MYAH we understand that co-living is more than just sharing a space. It’s about creating a community, fostering connections, and providing residents with the amenities and experiences they need to thrive.

That’s why we’re committed to delivering exceptional service and support to our co-living clients, helping them to build and maintain thriving communities that residents are proud to call home.

Our team has extensive experience in managing large-scale residential buildings, and we’re dedicated to delivering an outstanding living experience for both residents and property owners.

From leasing and maintenance to community building and revenue management, we’re committed to optimising your investment and helping your residents feel right at home.

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over 3 years operational management
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over 36 month term
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over 3 year term
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over 3 year term
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